Truly Exhilirating

Savanna Hill Resort is where people go to experience the best parts of summer, and every day is summer at our place!
We've got nice scenery, fun-loving trainers, flying fox, archery, and the camp magic that makes long weekend feel like a lifetime. Join us for an inspiring all-inclusive escape to nature, community, and play.

Back to Basic

Learn the basic survival skills in the forest with limited sources.


Overnight stays away from home in a shelter with mesmerizing view.

Nature Walk

Explore the lush green forest and the mystery that surrounds it.

Flying Fox

Challenge yourself to feel the adrenaline rush with our fun flying fox.


Practice your skills of using a bow and arrows to shoot a target.


Reminisce the good old days with a bat-and-ball game.

Water War Gun

Strategize well and defeat your enemies with water gun. Bang Bang!

Water War Game

Water filled plastics will be used as a grenade to attack the others.

Silent Ball

Hit the opponents with strategy by using a ball silently. Shhhh...

Giant Star

Get the team to work together to create a gigantic star with ropes.

Low Obstacle Course

Nitro Crossing

Swing to the other side by using a rope.

Great Wall

Climb vertically with or without using ropes.

Balance Beam

Balance your body to walk on the jiggly path.

Balance Bridge

Feel like you are walking on the air.

Jacob's Ladder

Climb the ladder up and down with care.

Tyre Crawl

Crawl in the tyres, don’t get stuck!

Leopard Crawl

With body on the ground, crawl like a soldier!


Terompah Gergasi

Move to the finish line using the provided clog shoes

Baling Selipar

The participant should throw slippers away from the opponent

Golek Gelung

Roll the loop by using the tap to the finish line

Perang Belon

Break the opponent's balloon that are tied at the ankle

Bird Feeding

Transfer rubber ring to another participant using straw

Bowling Padang

The player must overthrow the bottle by using the coconut

Brick Walk

Use bricks as a springboard

Pemburu Gula-Gula

Search for hidden sweets in a plate of flour using only the mouth

Ping Pong Race

Participants need to bring a ping pong ball with a spoon to the finish line

Lari Kaki Tiga

Couples need to tie each leg and race to the finish line

Tarik Tali

The pull-out event until the winner is announced

Waiter Race

Transfer the water to the bucket by using the items provided

Night Activity

Traditional Games

Play Malay traditional game such as Congkak and Batu Seremban


Provides light and warmth at the campsite

Open Air Movie Night

Watching movies at night in an open space


Relaxing singing event

Night Tour

Visit the attraction places at night in Johor Bahru

Frisbee Glow

Play glowing frisbee at night on the field

Traditional Food Making

Demonstrations of teaching and cooking malay traditional foods

Night Walk

Enjoy being outdoors after dark and experience the nature at night

Solo Night

The participants will be left alone as they closed their eyes